NCA 2017

Last week I got to catch up with old friends and present new research with colleagues in Dallas, Texas! One new piece, Heroes or Health Victims?: Exploring How the Elite Media Frames Veterans on Veterans Day, is in press at Health Communication. My colleagues Kayla RhidenourAshley Barrett and I use text analysis to examine how national news organizations depict Veterans in the news during celebratory events, such as Veteran’s Day. Another new piece of research comes from working with Leah LeFebvre and Nick Brody to understand the ramifications of digital artifacts left over from past relationships. And, finally I was honored to be a part of a Food panel to put together by Dustin Greenwalt. I got to hear such cool ideas about the way we conceptualize food. All the way from the ecology of food to critiquing our food behavior through the frontier myth. 

When not attending or giving talks I walked around Dallas and got to see a beautifully designed city and taste some amazing food. NCA 2017 was a good one. 

A couple of photos from the conference.