Happiest of New Years!

In high school my art teacher, Ms. Macy, asked us every year to take out a sheet of paper and write down 100 things you enjoy about your life. It could be anything. Over the years she would ask us to take a look at what stayed the same and what changed. Since high school I occasionally written my 100 things out. As we say goodbye to 2017, I though it might be good to write my list out again. Some things have changed, but many have stayed.

Happiest of New Years! 2018, its going to be a good one.

Smell of fresh laundry on a Sunday
The color red
Playing chess with Adam
Looking forward to a good meal
Finishing a project
A good run
Foot massages
Petting Jade after she has had a bath
Finding a good movie by accident
Hanging up Christmas ornaments my mom gave me growing up
A shared laugh with a stranger
Travel with Adam
My dad visiting
My brother doing well in school
Winning FAMtasy Football championship
A clean house
Power washing the house
Hiking in Spain
A new game
Getting new artwork
Turkey Trot
Lighting bugs in the summer
Good neighbors
Waking up earlier than most and hearing the quietness of the day
Working out with friends
Learning a new cooking tip
Garage sales
New nephew
No cavities at the dentist
Reconnecting with an old friend
Making picture books
Comedy show
Planning a trip
Finding forgotten money in washed jeans
Dancing with Adam
Looking forward to the Price is Right in January
My post doc
Paying off almost all of my student loans
Good music
Clean socks
Jade playing with another dog and having fun
Jade sitting outside in the sun
When Adam gets excited about a topic and tells me all about it
Drawing for the first time in a couple of years
Having people over to the house for hanging out
The internet
Cut grass in the spring
Talking with friends on Skype that live far away
Pumpkin carving
Schlitterbahnin the summer with Brandy
Fredericksburg and Johnson City during the holidays
Ice cream
Getting handwritten notes in the mail
Watching Adam make beer
Romantic comedies
Hot showers
Being healthy
Watching movies on a Saturday night with my brother
Friends new born babies
New candles
An old fashioned made just right
Lights at night
Boat rides
Walking in a friendly neighborhood
Egg tacos
Motown music
Being somewhere and no one checks their phone
A shared joke
Train rides
Trimmed trees
Bike rides and camping with family
Planes that work
Spring in Texas
Going to museums with Adam
Trivia nights with Kelly and Emily
Toy shops
Playing cards
Meeting new people
Decluttering the house
The heat
Warm tea
Getting an article published
Seeing old friends at conferences
Fresh bread
Spending time with my lab mates
A forgotten card my mother sent me years ago
Sleepy weekends
The sea
Driving fast