Fitness Trackers

Recently, I have considered buying a fitness tracker. Not just because it is the latest fad in tracking steps taken/calories burned, but because it is an interesting way to track all sorts of health information. Indeed, there are some big movements in the fitness tracker industry looking at a variety of health markers, including things like sleep. A recent Fitbit report¬†showed that by studying millions of users Fitbit devices we can learn more about group sleep patterns. For example, women tend to get about 25 more minutes a sleep a day compared to men. And, people that live in the north of the United States go to bed a little earlier than people in other parts of the country. Researchers are also starting to use these fitness trackers to look at bio-markers, such as¬†glucose levels in sweat to track different types of diseases. It is a cool way to start thinking of keeping track of one’s health.