What am I reading?

Together, my undergraduate research assistants and I opted to read a book over the semester. I picked, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by┬áRobert M. Sapolsky. Although the book was one I might not normally select, the book had come so highly recommended from a friend I couldn’t not read it. Sapolsky, the author, takes the reader on a journey into the human body and explores the effects of psychological stress. For me, it was an eye opening book about how similar our stress responses are to other animals. And, even more, it informed me on the intricate ways psychological stress can activate biological responses. Although there is a strong biological base to the book, the stories wrapped around the main points help make this a particularly enjoyable read. I would highly recommend this book.

On a side note, I forgot how much enjoyment there is in reading a book as a group. In fact, I’ve already chosen the next book for my students to read this summer. Stay tuned!